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How much does a design cost? Generally $250.00 for a full design.  We begin with a site visit; taking photos, measurements, and interviewing clients. I then do photo overlays of my design ideas, develop a Planting Plan and estimate the costs of plants for compiling a potential budget. A supplies/materials and plant list is included, along with a timeline and any custom designed fence etc.  These are available via email scans with discussion until the client has a clear idea of the work proposed. We often customize for various phases of installation based on season, budget, or availability etc.  We refer clients to other local professionals those aspects which are beyond our scope.

What should we consider? Your goals, location, and needs. Take into account your time frames, special events, budget considerations, and abilities. The surrounding area and what resources already exist. We welcome all of your questions, and will work to bring to life a landscape that is stunning and suits each unique customer.

What do you charge for the work?   We have a flat rate of 50.00/hour for our Plain-N-Simple,LLC team which is “actual working time” for usually two of us, and all our equipment. This gives us ample flexibility to do short consults as well as full scale projects. 

Is Tree your real name?   Yes.

Will you travel? Absolutely! We have hiked to off-road sites, we all have passports, and we enjoy adventure.

Will you work with other professionals/officials? Yes. We play well with others, enjoy a successful team approach, and continue to learn a great deal from experts in a variety of fields.

What does “Plain-N-Simple” mean? It is our Mission Statement.  We are mature individuals and speak plainly.  We are honest in our dealings giving quality service to our clients. We are not a big company - we don’t play games. We think the “drama” belongs in the landscape design alone.

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